A National Milk Quality Survey to assess the quality of milk with focus on unsafe/adulterated milk is being planned. The survey will be carried out in more than 120 cities across India which will be spread over all the states and Union territories. Over 1700 samples will be picked up and tested for Fat and SNF content and 13 common adulterants. Common sampling SOP to be followed all over the country for picking up samples, sample transportation and delivery. Testing laboratories will follow common testing protocol provided by FSSAI for testing of the samples.

Over 1700 samples to be picked up.

Survey to be carried out in All the States and Union territories across India.

Active Involvement of all Stakeholders like State Food Safety Authorities, Dairy Co-operatives, Analytical Laboratories and Research Institutions.

Tests to be carried out: FAT&SNF, Vegetable Oil, Detergent, Hydrogen Peroxide, Formalin, Sugar, Glucose, Urea, Starch, Boric Acid, Ammonium Sulphate, Nitrates, Cellulose Maltodextrin

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